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All It Took Was a Pop and a Flash to Send $8,000 Up in Smoke!!!

The average home has $8,000 of electrical devices! It's true - you have TVs, computers, refrigerators, washer and dryer, stereos, DVD players, and more. In just a split second, one lightning strike to a power line can send a massive power surge through your home destroying them all!

Not all power surges are big. In fact, your home's electrical system experiences on average five or more surges a day! That's 2,000 each year! These small surges gradually eat away at the circuits of everything plugged into your home. It ultimately causes your electrical devices, equipment, and appliances to break down years prematurely!

Protect your home and all of your valued electronics from both small and large destructive power surges. Provide your home with a complete surge protection defense system. You could save $8,000 while giving yourself peace of mind!

Have your Whole House Surge Protection Installed at a Special Discount Offer for the Month of May and June!

Regular Price: 20% OFF Surge Protection

(Supplied & Installed by Hi-Lite Electric Inc.)

Offer Expires: February 28, 2014:
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