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EV Car Charger Installation Service

Despite growing interest in electric cars, it can be challenging to find a dependable service that can assist with your EV car charger needs. At Hi-Lite Electric, we are experts in electricity, more than capable of handling your EV car charger needs. We specialize in EV charger installation services to do our part for the environment, helping reduce our reliance on fossil fuels making the transition to EVs easier.

Our goal is to help make EV charging stations as easy to find as a gas station, making it easier for more people to choose EVs. As the demand for EVs grows, the need for EV car chargers does as well.

We can help property owners and individuals install EV charging stations, including:

  • Level 1, 2, 3
  • Level 1 – 12 hours charger
  • Level 2 – 4-hour charger

We can help you find the best EV charger for your needs.

EV Charger Installation

Most of our customers need the level 2 charger. This charger can be installed in your garage or in the area where you park your car.

It takes about four hours to install an EV charger. We can supply and install your charger without the need for additional equipment. However, installation requires a dedicated line to the panel whether we install it in your garage or outside. All work is performed to adhere to the ESA guidelines.

We even supply the permits for your convenience.

Benefits of EV Chargers

Electric cars are taking the world by storm as more people try to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and opt for a reliable, affordable source of transportation. Electric cars require less maintenance, making them far more accessible to drive. You won’t need oil changes, which makes them better for the environment. You’ll get better mileage from using your EV charger and reduce general maintenance costs over the life of your car.

Driving an EV car is an exhilarating experience with lots of power. You also feel good knowing you are driving an eco-friendly car that’s not emitting harmful gases!

ev car charger

Design & Technology

We use the most advanced technology for EV chargers. Our level 2 chargers offer an electric vehicle charge station with:

  • 208-240 VAC
  • Up to 30 amp and 7.2 kW
  • SAE J1772 connector, standardized for over 10 000 charging cycles and compatible with plug-in vehicles sold in North America
  • Wall mount with integrated cable rest
  • For indoor or outdoor installation (-40°C à 40°C)

The level 3 charger offers a direct current fast-charging station which places the charging station inside the building. It is also significantly lower in cost. Features include:

  • Voltage Range: 360-508VAC 3-phases 50/60Hz
  • Max. Current: 80A @ 400VAC; 67A @ 480VAC (protection: 80A Circuit breaker)
  • Input power factor > 0.93
  • Efficiency > 94%
  • Earth Leakage Current < 3.5mA
  • 3-pole AC contactor coupled with emergency button
  • -20°C to + 40°C, maximum altitude 3500 m

We can help you choose the best charger for your needs so you can join the EV revolution!

Call us now to speak to one of our helpful team members and set up an appointment for our EV installation service.


Do you provide residential EV charger installations in my area?

Absolutely, we offer home EV charger installation services in your area. Our skilled electricians are eager to assist you with this service. Please feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to meet your EV charging needs.

What is a Level 1 (L1) charger and how does it operate?

A Level 1 (L1) charger, often referred to as a "trickle charger" or emergency cable, typically comes with your EV. It's the slowest charging option used as a backup. To use it, simply plug your EV into a standard power outlet. The L1 charger works with a standard 120-volt AC outlet, providing an average output of 1.3 kW to 2.4 kW. In simple terms, you can connect your L1 charger to a regular outlet, whether inside your garage or outdoors if one is available. It's the slowest way to charge your electric vehicle.

How speedy is a Level 1 (L1) charger?

In simple terms, an L1 charger is quite slow. It can take up to 24 hours to fully recharge your EV. This charger is suitable if you're not in a rush to power up your electric vehicle or for backup purposes. If you have time to spare and just need a gradual recharge, L1 charging is an option, but it's not the fastest way to replenish your EV's battery.

Is home rewiring necessary for EV charger installation?

No, you do not need to rewire your home to install a new EV charger. The installation of an EV charger typically does not require rewiring your entire house. Instead, it involves connecting the charger to your existing electrical system, ensuring it meets the necessary voltage and amperage requirements. In most cases, this can be done without the need for extensive rewiring, making it a relatively straightforward process to set up an EV charging station at your home.

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Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Angie was great on the phone explained everything in detail and pleasant to speak with. Steven and Sal came by within a day, fixed everything up quickly, and the price was fair. They were extremely polite and easy to work with. I will 100% be recommending to everyone I know in the area who needs an electricians help. What an absolute blessing it was to find Hi-Lite. Thank you again! -Vinny
Krystina Samaroo
Krystina Samaroo
Great service!
Chelsey Bennett
Chelsey Bennett
My partner has been using this company for years and now that we share a place, I’ve seen them at work on a few projects. They really stand out as professional, careful, and thorough. I’d recco them 100% to anyone in need of a reliable electrician!!
David Alleyne
David Alleyne
Highly recommended. These guys are great. Professional. Friendly. Flexible.
Matthew and Steven were pleasant to deal with and we were pleased they disposed of the old lighting and fixture and didn't leave it for us.
john farres
john farres
Great job with the EV charger installation. Steven took great care in making sure the job was done right!
MariaLuisa Schirripa
MariaLuisa Schirripa
My husband and I would recommend this company for any of your electrical needs! They are VERY professional, fast and understanding. Luciano is awesome to speak to and his son Steven is also great. They came quickly and made us feel like a priority. Our problem got fixed and they were all extremely nice to deal with. We will definitely use them again when we need an electrical issue fixed!
Mohammad Albaroudi
Mohammad Albaroudi
Great and professional service, highly recommended..
Anvar Zargarov
Anvar Zargarov
We contacted Hi-Lite Electric Inc because of potentially life-threatening electrical issues we are having in our apartment that have been neglected and ignored by the property management. Luciano offered helpful advice as to how to approach the situation and find a solution; as well as providing the right contact information. He seemed like a genuine, empathic person with solid morals and was glad to help out without charging us anything due to genuine personal concern. I am very grateful people like him are still around. Thank you.

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