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The GTA is a big and thriving community, with Vaughan promising lots of bustling activity north of the downtown core. Vaughan is home to many residential and commercial properties, each with its own unique electrical needs to support various lifestyles and activities. At the core of these is a commitment to safety — stable, fire-proof electrical connections so that you can protect your property investment.

Who do you call for your electrical repair needs in Vaughan? You need a licensed electrician you can trust to help you protect everything that matters to you and keep you and your loved ones safe from devastating disasters. Prevent fires and electrical damage from ravaging your home with the help of a trusted and licensed electrician.

Licensed Home Electricians Vaughan

Trust Hi-Lite’s Licensed Electricians in Vaughan

Hi-Lite Electric is your electrical and safety partner. You can count on us to light up your home — and do it safely, for the long-term. We equip your property with safe and effective electrical wiring to keep appliances and electronics running, and eliminate fire-causing electrical hazards.

Our licensed electricians will inspect, repair, and install energy-efficient and fire-safe upgrades. Trust our expert training in the latest electrical standards and technology, and our commitment to friendly and professional service to secure your comfort and safety where it matters most.

  • 35 years of electrical expertise
  • Upfront pricing guarantee following a site inspection
  • Regular electrical safety checks for fire safety and electrical code compliance in home renovations and new constructions
  • Installation and repair of electrical wiring and equipment, including circuit breaker panels, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, and electric car chargers.


Ecra / esa license #7002350

Hi-Lite Electric Inc. takes great pride in its affiliation with the Electrical Safety Authority’s (ESA) Authorized Contractor Program (ACP). This program, established by ESA, is designed to recognize contractors who consistently uphold the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, prioritising public electrical safety.

The ACP is an exclusive club, reserved for the finest electrical contractors. Only those who consistently deliver code-compliant work of the highest standard are welcomed and permitted to participate in this prestigious program.

One notable feature of the ACP is ESA’s selective inspection approach for projects undertaken by Hi-Lite Electric Inc. Rather than subjecting these projects to full electrical inspections, ESA selectively reviews them. This approach reflects the immense trust and confidence that ESA has in contractors affiliated with the ACP, acknowledging their unwavering commitment to safety standards.


Advantages of Engaging Hi-Lite Electric as Your Contractor:

  • Continuous Operational Flow
  • Decreased Disruption in Electrical Services
  • Enhanced Compliance with Electrical Safety Standards
  • ESA’s Ongoing Monitoring

Clients can feel secure knowing that Hi-Lite Electric’s work undergoes constant monitoring by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). ESA diligently oversees our operations to ensure consistent adherence to the stringent requirements set by the Authorized Contractor Program.

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) serves as the custodian of public safety in Ontario, overseeing and ensuring compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code for electrical installations. According to this Code, it is mandatory to submit an inspection application to ESA for any electrical installations or wiring conducted in your home or business facility.

Hi-Lite Electrical Repair, Inspection, and Installation Services in Vaughan

Electrical Inspection and Safety Check in Vaughan

Make electrical safety part of your home maintenance plan. Book a regular electrical inspection and safety check to certify that your home is up-to-code. Our licensed electricians will inspect and repair faulty wiring to prevent fires and other expensive electrical hazards early on. Protect your home with the complete Hi-Lite Electrical Inspection package:

  • 12-Point Home Electrical Safety Check: Our licensed electricians will identify and address electrical safety code violations by repairing hazards like faulty wiring.
  • Early detection: With regular electrical inspections, we can assess your home’s electrical system, and plan for repairs and upgrades to prevent electrical hazards.
  • Scheduled repairs: We book emergency and scheduled repairs to address urgent electrical hazards and code violations.
  • Fire safety: We’re happy to talk to you and loved ones about electrical safety, so together, we can prevent fires and electrical damage.

Vaughan Electrical Repairs

As a fully licensed electrician service, Hi-Lite is fully equipped to troubleshoot and repair any electrical issue. We only use state-of-the-art electrical equipment and our decades of expertise to identify and repair your building’s electrical issues, and complete same-day repairs that meet your budget and needs. Our guarantee is a safe, up-to-code, and effective electrical repair done right the first time.

24-Hour Emergency Electrical Repairs in Vaughan

Came home to a blown fuse, overloaded circuit breaker panel, or power surge? Don’t risk your safety for one more minute — call our 24-hour emergency electrical repair service right away. Hi-Lite is available for emergency electrical repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our licensed electricians can arrive at your location in no time to perform urgent electrical repairs, and prevent fires and other costly hazards.

Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation

At Hi-Lite, we’re constantly looking towards the future of green energy. Along with energy-efficient electrical upgrades, we’re also doing an even bigger part to save the planet: we’re supporting drivers in Vaughan making the smart, eco-friendly switch to electric cars.

Hi-Lite offers EV charger installations in garages and parking spaces to help make electric cars more accessible and convenient. With every installation, we can make electric charging stations just as common as gas stations, and encourage drivers to rethink their daily commute. Now with your own Level 1, 2, or 3 EV charger with either a 4- or 12-hour charging time, you can take part in the future of driving — now without using fossil fuels.

Electrical Installations and Upgrades in Vaughan

Old, faulty wiring is the leading cause of electrical fires, and their effect can build up over time, to devastating consequences. Hi-Lite is here to replace electrical components, and present you with different energy-saving and budget-friendly upgrades.

Trust our licensed electricians to replace ageing electrical components and protect your home from costly electrical hazards and home insurance coverage loss. We replace and install:

  • Old fuse panels over 15 years old
  • Overloaded circuit panel breakers
  • Faulty wiring that is not up-to-code
  • Other improper electrical installations that pose fire hazards.

Power Surge Protection

Lightning storms are dangerous, and their effects can even extend indoors. Just as you don’t want to get struck by lightning, your essential appliances and electronics also require protection from power surges, spikes, and voltage impulses.

It only takes one high-energy surge to destroy these expensive items or many small, daily surges over the years to degrade them. Sign up for Hi-Lite’s Two-Stage Power Surge Protection plan to secure your home and appliances:

  • Stage 1: Primary protection for service entrance
  • Stage 2: Secondary protection at point of use.

Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation

Fire prevention is all about early detection. A reliable smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm are some of the best and easiest ways to keep your home safe, and your loved ones healthy. But when was the last time you had these basic safety features tested and maintained?

Hi-Lite will inspect, repair, and replace your home’s smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm system. We recommend a replacement every 5 to 7 years, and do regular battery changes and inspections as part of your home’s electrical safety plan.

Aluminum Wiring Repair and Rejuvenation

Your electrical system relies on working wiring connections to deliver electricity safely, and power appliances and electronics consistently. Electrical wiring needs to be up-to-code, and that requires keeping up with evolving electrical safety standards. For older homes, this means inspecting and replacing potentially hazardous aluminum wiring.

Our licensed electricians will carefully repair or rejuvenate aluminum wiring according to ESA standards. We will also work with you to plan for an affordable and sustainable upgrade using copper wires to get your home up-to-code to eliminate electrical hazards, and guarantee compliance with municipal and home insurance standards.

Book Your Hi-Lite Electrical Service in Vaughan

  1. Do you need an electrical repair? Our same-day service guarantee allows a licensed electrician to reach your location right away, and perform a fast and effective electrical repair or installation to address hazards.

  2. Full site inspection: We send our licensed electricians to your location to diagnose the problem, perform a safe and effective repair or installation, and conduct regular inspections to maintain electrical safety and compliance.

  3. StraightForward Price™ guarantee: We conduct an inspection first to provide an accurate and affordable price, and ensure a cost-effective electrical service.

To learn more about electrical repairs, installations, and services in Vaughan, call Hi-Lite’s licensed electricians at 289-236-1333, or contact us here to book an electrical service today.


Does My Property in Vaughan Require Electrical Repairs?

If you find yourself asking this question, the likelihood is that your property may indeed need electrical repairs, and it's advisable to contact us to schedule an assessment. Common indicators of electrical issues include lights that flicker, malfunctioning outlets, and tripped circuit breakers. Addressing these symptoms promptly is essential to maintain a safe and functional electrical system in your Vaughan property. Our experts can diagnose and rectify any electrical concerns to ensure the reliability and safety of your home's electrical infrastructure in Vaughan.

What to Do When Your Power Goes Out in Vaughan?

If your power unexpectedly goes out in Vaughan, the initial step is to contact your electrical provider to inquire about any scheduled maintenance or outages in your area. Ensure that the issue isn't a broader one affecting neighboring properties. If your property is the only one affected, reach out to us immediately for prompt service. Our experts can swiftly diagnose and address the problem to restore power and ensure the functionality of your electrical system in Vaughan, keeping your home safe and operational.

How Many Smoke Alarms Are Necessary in Your Vaughan Home?

To ensure comprehensive fire safety in your Vaughan residence, smoke alarms should be installed inside every bedroom and just outside each sleeping area. For instance, a two-story home with three bedrooms should ideally have a minimum of seven smoke alarms. Even homes with a set number of hardwired alarms can benefit from additional battery-operated smoke alarms positioned strategically throughout the house. There's no such thing as having too many smoke alarms; the key is to ensure proper placement in every critical area. This approach helps guarantee early detection and a swift response to potential fire hazards in your Vaughan home.

Can Surge Protectors Be Used Outdoors for my home in Vaughan?

It's generally not advisable to use surge protectors outside due to the risk of water damage. However, for enhanced safety, a qualified electrician can hard-wire a power strip and securely mount it on an exterior wall in your Vaughan property. This solution provides added protection against the elements. While the task is relatively straightforward, it's essential to engage a professional for this job to ensure proper installation and safeguard your outdoor electrical connections in Vaughan.

What's the Cost of Ceiling Fan Installation in Vaughan?

The price for ceiling fan installation in Vaughan varies depending on the specifics of the job. Factors like the presence of existing lines or other work required influence the cost. At HI-Lite Electric Inc., we handle electrical installations on a case-by-case basis. To provide an accurate price, we need to assess the unique details of your project. We're committed to offering fair and competitive rates for ceiling fan installation in Vaughan, ensuring your needs are met efficiently and within budget. Feel free to reach out, and we'll be happy to provide you with a tailored quote for your installation job.

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Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Angie was great on the phone explained everything in detail and pleasant to speak with. Steven and Sal came by within a day, fixed everything up quickly, and the price was fair. They were extremely polite and easy to work with. I will 100% be recommending to everyone I know in the area who needs an electricians help. What an absolute blessing it was to find Hi-Lite. Thank you again! -Vinny
Krystina Samaroo
Krystina Samaroo
Great service!
Chelsey Bennett
Chelsey Bennett
My partner has been using this company for years and now that we share a place, I’ve seen them at work on a few projects. They really stand out as professional, careful, and thorough. I’d recco them 100% to anyone in need of a reliable electrician!!
David Alleyne
David Alleyne
Highly recommended. These guys are great. Professional. Friendly. Flexible.
Matthew and Steven were pleasant to deal with and we were pleased they disposed of the old lighting and fixture and didn't leave it for us.
john farres
john farres
Great job with the EV charger installation. Steven took great care in making sure the job was done right!
MariaLuisa Schirripa
MariaLuisa Schirripa
My husband and I would recommend this company for any of your electrical needs! They are VERY professional, fast and understanding. Luciano is awesome to speak to and his son Steven is also great. They came quickly and made us feel like a priority. Our problem got fixed and they were all extremely nice to deal with. We will definitely use them again when we need an electrical issue fixed!
Mohammad Albaroudi
Mohammad Albaroudi
Great and professional service, highly recommended..
Anvar Zargarov
Anvar Zargarov
We contacted Hi-Lite Electric Inc because of potentially life-threatening electrical issues we are having in our apartment that have been neglected and ignored by the property management. Luciano offered helpful advice as to how to approach the situation and find a solution; as well as providing the right contact information. He seemed like a genuine, empathic person with solid morals and was glad to help out without charging us anything due to genuine personal concern. I am very grateful people like him are still around. Thank you.

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