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Toronto’s east end is home to a rich community — close to all the sights and attractions of the downtown core, but with enough space for sprawling neighbourhoods and emerging commercial districts. With these, it’s no surprise that Scarborough provides the perfect balance of city and suburb living seen in the rise of growing residential and commercial properties.

Do you own a property in Scarborough? You need to consider its safety and protection from the threat of the most common and devastating disasters. For this, you need a licensed electrician you can trust to help you protect everything that matters to you, starting with stable, fire-proof electrical connections. Keep your loved ones and property safe from fires and electrical hazards with the help of a licensed electrician that’s only one call away.

Licensed Home Electricians Scarborough

Trust Hi-Lite’s Licensed Electricians in Scarborough

Hi-Lite Electric is your electrician on-call. As a full-service electrician company, we are fully equipped to light up your home and get your appliances running safely. Our licensed electricians expertly inspect, repair, and install energy-efficient and fire-safe upgrades using the latest electrical standards and tools.

Trust Hi-Lite to deliver friendly and professional service that gets the job done right — the first time. With the help of our licensed electricians, we can secure your comfort and safety where it matters most, and deliver reliable, fire-proof, and hazard-free electrical connections:

  • 35 years of licensed electrician expertise
  • Upfront pricing after an electrical safety inspection
  • Regular electrical inspections for fire safety and electrical code compliance in home renovations and new constructions
  • Installation and repair of electrical wiring, circuit breaker panels, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, and electric vehicle chargers.

Hi-Lite Electrical Repair, Inspection, and Installation Services in Scarborough

Electrical Inspection and Safety Check in Scarborough

Electrical safety is a key part of property upkeep, so make sure to schedule an annual maintenance service. Trust our licensed electricians to inspect and repair faulty wiring and other fire-causing electrical hazards, and ensure that your home is up-to-code. Partner with us for electrical safety through our complete Hi-Lite Electrical Inspection program:

  • 12-Point Home Electrical Safety Check: We designed a unique electrical safety program to identify and repair code violations like faulty wiring and other electrical hazards.
  • Early detection: Our licensed electricians will assess your home’s electrical system, and plan for repairs and upgrades to address electrical hazards.
  • Scheduled repairs: Book emergency and scheduled repairs to address urgent electrical hazards and code violations.
  • Fire safety: We’ll take time to speak with you and your loved ones about electrical hazards, and together, practice electrical and fire safety.

Electrical Repairs in Scarborough

Hi-Lite is a fully licensed electrician company: we use all the latest electrical tools and techniques to troubleshoot and repair any electrical issue. Our licensed electricians have decades of expertise in performing safe and effective same-day repairs according to your needs and budget. Our guarantee is electrical repairs done right the first time, and lasting electrical code compliance.

24-Hour Emergency Electrical Repairs in Scarborough

A blown fuse, overloaded circuit breaker panel, or power surge — we’ve seen it all, and can repair it all. Don’t wait for an electrical emergency to escalate. Our licensed electricians can be at your location in Scarborough instantly, no matter what the emergency and when it strikes. Call our 24-hour emergency electrical repair service for urgent repairs to prevent fires, electrical hazards, and disruptions to your daily routine.

Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation

At Hi-Lite Electric, we’re doing our part to promote the future of green energy and eco-friendly living. Our full suite of energy-efficient electrical upgrades includes saving the planet from our dependence on fossil fuels. We’re proud to support drivers in Scarborough considering the smart switch to electric cars.

By making electric vehicle chargers more accessible, we can help you transition to a better, greener commute. We install Levels 1, 2, and 3 EV chargers with either a 4- or 12-hour charging time in garages and parking spaces. Our goal is to make electric car chargers just as common and convenient as gas stations — and the green future of driving a real possibility.

Electrical Installations and Upgrades in Scarborough

Is your home still powered by old and faulty wires? It’s time to invest in stable, fire-safe wiring connections. With every faulty connection, electrical code violation, and use of an ageing electrical standard, you and your loved ones live with the constant threat of a devastating fire or costly electrical damage.

Hi-Lite is here to fix that, starting by replacing aging electrical components with energy-saving and budget-friendly upgrades. Trust our licensed electricians to protect your home from electrical hazards and the loss of home insurance coverage:

  • Replace old fuse panels over 15 years old
  • Replace overloaded circuit panel breakers
  • Repair faulty wiring and bring them up-to-code
  • Repair other faulty electrical installations to eliminate fire hazards.

Power Surge Protection

It only takes one lightning storm to damage the appliances and electronics you’ve come to rely on every day for convenience and comfort. A high-energy surge has damaging consequences, but so do many small, daily surges that build up over the years and degrade appliances. Hi-Lite’s Two-Stage Power Surge Protection secures appliances and electronics from power surges, spikes, and voltage impulses:

  • Stage 1: Primary protection for service entrance
  • Stage 2: Secondary protection at point of use.

Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation

The best way to prevent fires is to detect their threat right away. A reliable smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm do exactly that, and keep your home and loved ones safe and healthy. Trust Hi-Lite to inspect and maintain these basic safety features, and repair or replace them as needed. Our licensed electricians recommend a replacement 5 to 7 years, and regular battery changes as part of your home’s electrical safety plan.

Aluminum Wiring Repair and Rejuvenation

Safe and stable wiring connections deliver electricity safely, and power appliances and electronics consistently. But is your electrical wiring up-to-code based on evolving electrical safety standards? Many older homes in Scarborough still rely on aluminum wiring — and require urgent repair or replacement to eliminate this electrical hazard.

Hi-Lite electricians are ESA contractors — expertly trained to repair or rejuvenate aluminum wiring and eliminate the fire hazard they pose. We can also show you affordable and sustainable options for upgrading to copper wiring, and plan for a replacement. You can trust us to help protect your property, and guarantee compliance with municipal electrical codes and home insurance standards.

Book Your Hi-Lite Electrical Service in Scarborough

  1. Tell us about your electrical repair needs: Hi-Lite is a full-service electrician company dedicated to providing same-day electrical repairs and installations in Scarborough.

  2. Site inspection: Our licensed electricians inspect the site, then perform a fast and effective repair or installation, and book regular inspections to help you maintain electrical safety and compliance.

  3. StraightForward Price™ guarantee: Inspection first, quote later — that’s our insurance policy for transparent, fair, and accurate pricing based on a thorough assessment of your electrical repair or service needs.

To learn more about electrical repairs, installations, and services in Scarborough, call Hi-Lite’s licensed electricians at 416-800-5536, or contact us here to book an electrical service today.


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