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How extreme cold weather affects your electrical appliances

How Extreme Cold Weather Affects Your Electrical...

23 November, 2023

Now that winter is on its way, you’re probably starting to plan for it. Read more

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Top 3 reasons for hiring a licensed electrician

Top 3 Reasons for Hiring a Licensed Electrician

30 October, 2023

Are you considering getting some electrical work done on your house and wondering whether or not you should hire a licensed electrician? Read more

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What to do if an appliance continuously blows a fuse

What to Do if an Appliance Continuously Blows a...

14 September, 2023

Modern technology is excellent—we have everything we need at our fingertips! Read more

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8 things your electrician wants you to know

8 Things Your Electrician Wants You to Know

9 August, 2023

Any experienced electrician in Etobicoke will tell you that homeowners don’t have to call a professional for every electrical issue. Read more

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5 electrical safety tips for summer

5 Electrical Safety Tips for Summer

12 July, 2023

No matter your home’s age, it is always crucial to maintain electrical safety practices, as the stakes are very high. Read more

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