Electrical Repair Service

At Hi-Lite Electric we offer over 35 years of experience with a team of friendly fully licensed and insured electricians. We understand the challenges you face when you suddenly find yourself without power; that’s why we pride ourselves on offering same day electrical repair service when we receive your call before 8 am.

We focus on providing superior electrical repair service whether you have flickering lights, ongoing power surges or need to make electrical upgrades. We provide service to both residential and commercial clients. We provide accurate estimates and keep a van stocked with the parts and equipment needed so you never have to wait. We are your electrical repairs experts offering affordable solutions.

Our team is fully trained and kept up to date on all current code compliance. We remain on the leading edge of new technologies, so we are prepared to handle all situations. We are committed to providing safe, sound, dependable repairs that keep your home or business operating smoothly.

electrical repair service

Troubleshooting Electrical Issues

It is not uncommon to experience power loss in your entire home or even just a room or two. Although this is a sign something is wrong with your electrical system, there is no need to panic. You can make a quick call to our licensed electricians and we will arrive at your home or business to assess the situation.

It is important to make the call at the first signs of trouble, as in some cases it could be something serious. We offer thorough troubleshooting for all electrical issues. We will get to the root of the issue and provide affordable solutions we can usually handle on the spot.
Our electricians have the experience to quickly and safely find the problem. We have seen it all and will know how to take care of your problem efficiently. No matter how serious or minor the issue, we are trained to make quick decisions and provide easy solutions.

Specialized Repair Services

Although you might be worried your electrical issues are one of a kind, we can handle it. We will review the issue with you and explain what specialized repair services are required. We offer options to suit your budget and resolve your service challenges. We are upfront and honest about all repairs so you can trust us to provide the right advice.

Call us now to speak to one of our helpful team members and set up an appointment for our electrical repair service.


How long does an electrical inspection take?

12 point inspection: 30min – 1hr
80 point inspection: 1hr – 2hr
80 point detailed inspection – 3hr

What is the life expectancy of a circuit breaker?

The typical lifespan of a circuit breaker is about 30-40 years.

How much does it cost for an Electrician to fix a breaker? How much does it cost to fix a bad circuit breaker? How much does it cost to upgrade my electrical panel?

At Hi-Lite Electric we do not give estimates or quotes over the phone or online. We send a technician to your home to physically inspect what work needs to be done and let him/her properly price it for you.

How do you price electrical work?

Pricing electrical work depends and varies on many aspects on the job, that’s why we use a straight forward pricing guide so our electrician can give the best price for required work.

How do you pass an electrical inspection?

To pass an electrical inspection you need:

  • Have all your home up to electrical code and standards
  • No electrical hazards
  • No exposed wires
  • Nothing outdated or expired (Ex. expired smoke alarm)

Do I need an electrician to change a light fixture?

Installing a light fixture varies on the location and difficulty of running and connecting wire. If you have no experience or it is too difficult for you to install a licensed electrician is suggested.


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