Power Surge Protection

surge protections for home

Today, homes are filled with sensitive electronics that are easily damaged by common power surges, spikes or voltage impulses. A lightning storm near a residence can deliver a high energy electrical surge that can enter a home and destroy appliances, televisions, stereo equipment, and other electrical products.

The cost of replacing electronic equipment in an average home is approximately $8,000. This figure can easily top $20,000 if the homeowner has a sophisticated entertainment system, or a home office.

2-Stage Power Surge Protection

Hi-Lite Electric recommends that to fully protect your investment, consider a 2-stage approach to Surge Protection.

Stage 1 – Primary Protection for Service Entrance.

Stage 2 – Secondary Protection at Point of Use.

By installing 2 stages of surge protection, your electronic equipment can be protected from most power surges, spikes and voltage impulses that are common everyday.

Do not underestimate an unchecked high voltage surge than can wipe out your investment instantly, or the smaller everyday surges that can degrade the electronic components in your home slowly over time.

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What is Type 1 surge protection?

Type 1 surge protection are permanently installed devices that are either connected to your main disconnect or your panel.

How do you know if a surge protector is bad?

Look at the LED and see if it lights up under “protected” to determine if it’s bad or not.

Is surge protection the same as overload protection?

Surge protector is used to limit voltage being supplied into an electric device where overload protection is built into a breaker where it will cut power by tripping when it senses an increase in current.

What is the difference between a surge protector and surge suppressor?

A surge suppressor is able to cover your home with surge protection where a surge protector is basically an extension cord/outlet with minimal protection.

Why do you need surge protection?

Surge protection is able to protect all devices from power surges so you dont lose anything such as your computer or other appliances.

Is 200 joules surge protector enough?

A surge protector rated for 200 – 400 Joules is enough, for best protection consider one with a 600 joule rating.

What level of surge protection do I need?

A surge protector rated for 1000-2000 Joules will be able to provide a significant amount of protection for your devices in your whole home.

Is surge protection necessary?

Surge protection is very necessary as it is able to protect many devices and appliances in your home that are voltage-sensitive where a power surge could damage them easily

How do surge protection devices work?

A surge protector is designed to protect your devices from voltage spikes by limiting the voltage supplied by either blocking or shorting to ground any voltage above the limit.


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