5 Benefits of Hiring a Licensed and Insured Electrician

15 June, 2023
5 benefits of hiring a licensed and insured electrician

When you are seeking an electrician to work on your home, you may come across a variety of electricians broadcasting their services. However, some of them may be licensed and insured, while others are not. You may be wondering what the big difference is; after all, an electrician is still an electrician, right?

The truth of the matter, however, is that there is a significant difference between the two, and it all comes down to the skills and experience that having a license guarantees.

Would you not feel much better knowing that the person installing or fixing electrical wiring, lighting, or other electrical components in your home has thousands of hours of training and experience?

According to the newly formed Skilled Trades Ontario, an electrician must finish 8,160 hours of on-the-job training as an apprentice and 840 hours of in-class training before getting their licensing. They must also pass a challenging certification exam.

During this intensive and extensive training period, apprentices learn about the diverse requirements of electricians, and they gain specialized knowledge in various significant areas.

What are the main benefits of hiring a licensed and insured electrician?

If you are still on the fence about hiring a licensed and insured electrician, it may help to hear about some of the main advantages of choosing one. Having a license and insurance are not just technicalities for electricians; there are many ways that these factors make a big difference.

The following are some of the most significant benefits of hiring a licensed and insured electrician:

1. It is a much safer option

Few things are more important than safety, especially when it comes to electrical work, as it can be extremely dangerous. Hiring a licensed electrician is almost always much safer than hiring one who is not. This is because when an electrician is training to become certified, they learn about all of the potential risks and dangers that can be encountered on the job and how to minimize such risks and thwart the danger.

Not only is doing electrical work without sufficient knowledge and expertise dangerous for the person doing it, but it is also hazardous for you and your family. If something is done incorrectly, for example, it can result in you and your family being put at risk of experiencing a house fire.

2. Get things done right the first time

When you hire an unlicensed electrician, you never know when they may try to cut corners to finish a job quickly and cheaply or simply make a mistake due to a lack of experience. When either of these things happens, you may end up experiencing electrical problems again after a short time. Or worse, it could lead to bigger problems that you will need to deal with.

On the other hand, if you hire a licensed electrician, you can do so with confidence. You will know that they have enough skills and expertise to avoid such situations, and they can get the job done correctly the first time, saving you money, time, and unnecessary stress.

3. Assured quality work

When you hire a licensed electrician in Etobicoke, they will have to notify the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) of the work that they do on your home, as this is standard practice. This means that an ESA inspector may visit your home to check that everything has been done safely and in compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

If they find any issues, the electrician will be required to fix them. This essentially guarantees that the electrical work done in your home will be completed to the highest possible standard, which should make you and your family feel much more comfortable.

4. Enhanced functionality

In addition to helping you troubleshoot problems with your electrical system, a licensed electrician has the proper expertise to offer suggestions about how to enhance the functionality of your electrical system. They can also help you follow through with these suggestions if you please. For example, they may help you install dimmer switches, motion sensor lights, or automatic timers, among other things.

5. Insurance coverage

When you hire a licensed electrician in Etobicoke, you can do so knowing that they are fully insured, which cannot be said for unlicensed electricians. This is extremely important because if an uninsured electrician gets hurt while working on your house, you are liable. This can lead to a huge amount of costs and headaches for you.

Additionally, if an unlicensed, uninsured electrician works on your home, and some kind of electrical problem leads to damage, your insurance claim will likely be denied if it is discovered that the person who did your electrical work was unlicensed/uninsured.

Why Hi-Lite Electric Inc. Is a Great Source of Licensed and Insured Electricians

After hearing about the many benefits of hiring a licensed and insured electrician, it should be clear why this is the only option that makes sense logically, financially, and for the sake of maintaining safety.

If you require the services of a licensed and insured electrician in Etobicoke, Hi-Lite Electric Inc. has a team you can trust to do high-quality and reliable electrical work on your home. Whether you need assistance with installing electrical components or you need help with an electrical repair, we have the skills, experience, and tools to get any electrical job done properly and efficiently.

We can even help out in emergencies, as we offer speedy support on a 24/7 basis if you need emergency electrical services. Our electricians have all gone through rigorous training to ensure they can respond to such situations in the best way possible. This training continues even after obtaining their licenses.

Our biggest priority is providing high-quality electrical work and top-notch service to all our customers, and we will do everything necessary to ensure your satisfaction with our work.

For more information about the extensive training that all of our electricians have gone through, or to learn more about the wide variety of electrical services that we offer, call Hi-Lite Electric Inc. at 416-800-5536 (in Toronto), 289-236-1333 (in York) or 289-236-1347 (in Peel), or contact us here.

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