7 Signs You Need to Contact an Electrician in Etobicoke

13 May, 2024
7 signs you need to contact an electrician in Etobicoke

Did you know that, according to recent data, 12,000 house fires occur in Canada each year, which accounts for 30% of all fire-related incidents throughout the country? A staggering 50% of these fires are caused by electrical issues.

For your safety and that of others in your home, it’s extremely important to be able to recognize the signs of electrical problems. Knowing what to look for and having a trusted electrician in Etobicoke is paramount to avoiding any potential disasters.

In this article, we’ll break down all the signs to watch out for so that you can sleep easily at night.

1. Burning smells

We often use our sense of smell to discern what scents are good and to know when to get away from the ones that aren’t. However, one odour that should never be ignored is burning or smoky smells in your home.

This can indicate that wires or circuits in the building are slowly burning, especially if you can’t seem to find the source. Don’t begin to panic, though; instead, turn off the power and contact an electrician in Etobicoke immediately. If not addressed right away, it could potentially cause an electrical fire.

2. Wonky lights

Wonky lights are another warning sign to not ignore. Perhaps, this case of flickering lights could just mean that you need to replace your light fixtures or bulbs because they are defective.

Or, it could mean large appliances in your house are using up a significant amount of power when turned on, which can cause voltage to decrease for a bit. It could also be caused by poor fixtures or electrical cable connections.

Ultimately, the lights flickering in your home mean that there is something wrong with your internal electric system. It’s best to call your nearest electrician right away if you suspect something may be wrong.

3. Strange sounds

Another sign to look for is hearing strange buzzing or humming sounds. If you can’t seem to identify the source of this noise, it can indicate a number of electrical issues, and you should contact an electrician in Etobicoke immediately.

However, it’s not uncommon to stand beside your breaker and hear a low hum; that just means it’s working properly. This noise is caused by the electrical currents vibrating and is of no cause for concern. If you hear this noise when you are far away from the breaker, though, it might be tripping, and you should call an electrician to assess the issue.

4. Outlet troubles

If you find that some of the outlets in your home aren’t working properly every time you go to use them, it’s a sign of electrical problems. This is considered to be an early electrical issue and, if recognized quickly, is simple to fix.

This problem is normally caused by cracking inside the outlet or wiring that has become loose over time.

Another outlet issue you don’t want to ignore is if they feel warm or hot to the touch. Outlets should never have an alarming temperature; this means they’re working overtime on how much electricity they’re putting out. If you have several appliances plugged in, try unplugging a few to see if it fixes the issue.

Alternatively, this problem could be due to a large voltage demand. To avoid any more electrical damage, contact an electrician if these issues don’t resolve after trying a few fixes.

5. Sparks and shocks

Continuing on with outlet issues, if you go to plug in something and you see sparks or feel a small shock, that’s definitely a bad sign. Sparks may mean that short-circuiting is happening or that live wires inside the outlet are making contact with the ground wires. If not addressed, the sparks can cause an electrical fire or even burn your skin.

The feeling of tingling or shock when plugging in a device means that the electricity inside is leaking out. This can prove to be very harmful, as these shocks may result in you or others losing consciousness. In the case of sparks or shocks, contact an electrician in Etobicoke as soon as possible to avoid any fires or bodily injury.

6. Blown fuses

Another sign of electrical damage is a blown fuse. A fuse is a mechanism that burns out when there is a significant increase in demand for electricity. This is usually caused by several electronic devices or appliances attached to an outlet by an extension cable.

The fuse’s face features a small, clear pane that allows you to view the metal ribbon that has been melted through. If the fuse explodes and your circuit breaker trips regularly, it could point to electrical damage.

For safety reasons, do not try to access the fuse box after it has blown up or if the circuit breaker trips, as the fuse panel may require repairs or a replacement.

7. Skyrocketing electricity bills

Have you noticed that your electricity bills seem to be slowly increasing over time, even though you don’t use any more electricity than usual and haven’t added any new appliances? This can indicate that your home has more backup energy or phantom electricity than is needed.

Although some of us were taught that this is just a phenomenon, it’s very real. When appliances or other devices throughout your home are plugged in but not in use, they can still use up electricity, which explains higher electrical bills.

Staying Safe

As you can see, it’s extremely important to know the signs of when you need to contact an electrician in Etobicoke. Not addressing these issues can lead to power outages, injuries, high electrical bills, and electrical fires.

You can easily protect the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system by taking proactive measures and fixing these concerns as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it’s too late; contact an electrician in Etobicoke right away if you notice any electrical problems.

To learn more about how our professionals can help you with any electrical issues, call Hi-Lite Electric Inc. at 416-800-5536 or contact us here.

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