4 Benefits of Driving an Electric Car

1 September, 2020
Benefits of driving an electric car

Without a doubt, there are a vast amount of reasons why having an electric car in Toronto is so advantageous. We’re sure many electric car owners can attest to its real benefits. In fact, as time ticks on, more and more individuals realize how great it is to own one. For this reason, electric cars are becoming increasingly popular. Additionally, owning an electric vehicle is becoming more affordable. It enables individuals with various financial budgets to purchase this type of vehicle and benefit from its rewards.

Due to its reduced carbon footprint, lack of gas consumption, improved energy efficiency, and many other reasons, electric cars are exceptional. They are starting to surpass their gas-guzzling counterparts and becoming the preferred choice in many households. If you are considering electric cars, but wonder if it’s worth owning one, this article may help you decide. Continue reading below.

Monetary Savings and Reduction on Gas Consumption

Car owners with traditional vehicles understand the challenge they face with fluctuating gas prices, and the inability to keep up with these demanding costs. For individuals that commute frequently, regular refills make it a hassle to own vehicles that consume gas. However, owning an electric car eliminates the need to refill on gas regularly. It also disregards the need to keep up with the costs for gas. Alternatively, the focus is placed on “refuelling” by literally plugging in the vehicle to a home charging station and using a reliable electricity source.

Some individuals resort to charging their car at home or heading to local refuelling stations, which enable them to charge their vehicles for free. Overall, the dependency on gas is removed. Instead, electricity is the source, often allowing car owners to travel from 161–402 km before the car needs to be re-charged. However, this is contingent on the type of vehicle and model.

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

There are so many things that contribute to the adverse changes that are impacting the environment. Primarily, it is high energy consumption, gas emissions, waste, and pollution that play a significant role alongside other factors. Unfortunately, it is the actions of individuals that generate these effects, accelerate climate change, and create other environmental hazards. The habits many of us adopt, as well as the choices made, play a role in our carbon footprint.

Using an electric car in Toronto helps to overturn the imprint made on the environment. It does not release carbon dioxide, which is known for displacing oxygen and being the lead cause for climate change. A battery-operated vehicle focuses on renewable energy use, which is more conducive to preserving the environment. Furthermore, batteries inside electric cars are recyclable, which makes it even more eco-friendly.

Accessibility and Incentives

As more individuals are making the switch to electric cars, they understand how convenient and encouraging it is to have such a vehicle. Electric vehicles require less maintenance, which means that regular tune-ups and other related maintenance tasks are not necessary. Instead, very minimal maintenance is needed for electrical components. A regenerative braking system also contributes to its low maintenance costs.

In an effort to encourage the use of more electric vehicles, the government offers incentives. These include first-time buyer incentives, designated parking for electric cars, carpool lanes, removal from motor vehicle examinations, and other applicable perks. Overall, the federal government is doing its part to encourage individuals to purchase these vehicles. Hence, incentives are afforded to electric car owners, rewarding their beneficial switch and their willingness to better the environment.

Fewer Pollutants and Better Health Conditions

Every day, humans are exposed to immense levels of pollutants. Daily, individuals breathe in these impurities, putting their well-being at risk. Unfortunately, the exhaust fumes and gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide and other related vapours, are released by automobiles that contribute to the greenhouse effect and, in turn, poor health conditions.

Alterations in air quality and the climate due to the infiltration of greenhouse gases impact our health. Extreme heat, high humidex levels, poor air quality, lack of precipitation, and other elements have caused unwanted health conditions. These have included asthma, cardiac diseases, mental health and stress disorders, developmental effects, and many other states, which have been a concern.

By utilizing electric cars, there is a notable reduction in emissions compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. Despite the use of electricity, the adoption of green cars has more benefits. Cities with more electric cars have seen a decline in gas emissions. According to a study by Northwestern University, it was proven that “electric vehicles have a net positive impact on air quality and climate change.” Therefore, there is a significant advantage to owning an electric vehicle. These benefits extend beyond the environment and improve someone’s quality of life on a personal level.

Hi-Lite Electric Inc. Believes in the Power of Adopting Eco-Friendly Habits

Here at Hi-Lite Electric Inc., we believe in the benefits of owning an electric vehicle. We also support the notion of adopting eco-friendly habits to improve the quality of our environment. As there is a growing need for electric cars, we are happy to announce our proficiency in installing EV car chargers. As experts with vast knowledge and many years of experience, we can help you to transition successfully to an electric car. Our team commends the use of such vehicles, and we are happy to lend a helping hand with the installation of your EV charger.

If you find it challenging to find the right charger, we can help with this as well. We not only install but can also provide the correct charger you require. For more information on our services and help you transition successfully to an electric car in Toronto, do not hesitate to contact us.

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