5 Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

17 August, 2022
5 signs your home needs rewiring

How Maintaining Your House’s Wiring Can Prevent Electrical Fires

If you are a homeowner, you are probably well aware of the importance of keeping up with maintenance and repairs. Not only will doing so ensure the preservation of your home’s value, but it will also help make sure that it remains safe and comfortable to live in.

All houses undergo some degree of wear and tear over time. Of course, some of this damage occurs in immediately obvious places, but some of it may happen in spaces that are unexposed and thus less noticeable. One of the main areas that fall into the latter category is your house’s electrical wiring system.

It is crucial to be conscious of the state of your house’s wiring, especially when you live in an older home. As it naturally becomes compromised over time, the risk of electrical fires is heightened, which can put you and your property in extreme danger. In fact, electrical problems stemming from defective wiring are among the leading causes of house fires in Canada, accounting for about 20% of the 24,000 that take place annually.

The best way to avoid a potentially devastating fire in your home is to have it rewired before it is too late. Fortunately, even though your house’s wires are mostly hidden, there are some specific signs you can look out for, which will indicate when your house needs to be rewired.

Major Indicators That Your House Needs Rewiring

Once your house gets to a certain age, it will likely require a complete rewiring no matter what. However, you may be unsure how to tell when it has reached that point. Looking out for the following signs will help keep you in touch with the state of your home wiring:

1. Flickering or dimming lights

Have you noticed the lights flickering more often than usual in any part of your home? Or, are they noticeably dimmer than they should be?

Sometimes, the bulbs themselves may be the issue. For instance, they could just be improperly screwed in, or they may be old and in need of changing. However, if this issue persists even after you have re-screwed or changed a lightbulb, it could signify that your house needs rewiring.

Light circuits tend to wear faster than outlet circuits. Even if the circuit is not the issue, the wiring could also be loose. In that case, getting your house rewired will solve the problems you are experiencing with your lights while preventing further, more serious issues.

2. Discoloured outlets

Have you ever gone to plug something into a wall outlet and noticed that its colour has changed, even slightly? If there is a loose connection or faulty wiring, an outlet may begin to turn black or brown, giving off the appearance of charring.

That is because loose connections often force electricity to jump from one connection to another, which can result in the sparking of a small fire. That fire is what causes the surface singeing of your outlet. You may also notice a faint burning smell when this happens. The same thing can occasionally occur to switches as well.

If you notice such a discolouration on any of your outlets or switches, you should contact an electrician right away and turn off your power to prevent further fires from occurring.

3. Electric shocks

Have you ever experienced an electric shock while plugging something in or flicking a light switch? Even if you only feel a light buzz or tingle when doing either of these things, it is bad news.

Electric shocks are another major indication that there could be a problem with your house’s wiring that requires immediate professional attention. If left unchecked, the problem could grow worse, and the shocks could progressively escalate. Serious shocks can even cause burns and lead to more severe issues like prolonged numbness, memory loss, or even death in some cases.

4. Buzzing noises

Have you realized that your outlets or switches have been making unusual noises lately? Does it sound like buzzing? Neither outlets nor light switches should be emitting any noise, so if there is a noticeable buzzing sound coming from them, it is a clear sign of a problem.

Occasionally, as sockets wear, they can move out of place. When this happens, some wires may be left slightly exposed, which is likely the source of the sound. Having your home rewired could also solve this issue and stop the exposed wires from leading to other causes for concern.

5. Circuit breaker tripping

Have you noticed your circuit breaker tripping more frequently than usual? Circuit breakers are designed to trip when an electrical problem could potentially damage the circuit. An excess of current, a power surge, or a faulty component are all common reasons why a circuit breaker may be tripped.

Sometimes, circuit breakers may trip more often if there is a problem with a specific appliance of yours. However, persistent tripping could also be a sign that your house needs to be rewired.

Hi-Lite Electric Inc.: The Best Option for Rewiring Your Home

Do you suspect that your home may need to be rewired? If so, you should contact Hi-Lite Electric Inc. so that one of our highly-trained professional electricians can thoroughly assess your house’s wiring. If you have experienced any or all of the scenarios mentioned above, it is a good indication that there is a serious problem with your wiring, and it should be looked at by one of our fully licensed and insured electricians right away so you can avoid a potentially disastrous electrical fire.

Fortunately, whether you need us day or night, our skilled team of electricians at Hi-Lite Electric Inc. is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We are prepared to handle any type of electrical emergency service you require. When you call us, someone from our dedicated customer service department will ensure that an electrician is sent your way as soon as possible to service any and all of your electrical problems.

Your safety is our top priority. Therefore, our electricians will always provide you with a complimentary 12-point home electrical safety check as soon as they arrive. After completing this in-depth check, not only will they be able to address any current problems, but they can also notify you of any coming problems so that future issues with your wiring can be avoided.

Whether your house is simply in need of a few standard repairs or a complete rewiring is required, our qualified electricians can ensure that top-quality service will be provided. In fact, we proudly offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we will gladly refund your money if you are not fully satisfied. However, we are confident that your satisfaction will never be an issue since we have been keeping our customers pleased for over 35 years.

For more information about getting your house’s wiring checked, having your house rewired, or to book an appointment for any of your other electrical servicing needs, call High-Lite Electric Inc. at 416-800-5536 (in Toronto), 289-236-1333 (in York), or 289-236-1347 (in Peel), or contact us here.

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