How Extreme Cold Weather Affects Your Electrical Appliances

23 November, 2023
How extreme cold weather affects your electrical appliances

Now that winter is on its way, you’re probably starting to plan for it. Whether that’s putting away summer hats and getting out winter mitts or swapping your pool toys for skis, it’s essential to be prepared for the cold season when it arrives!

However, did you know that extremely cold weather can also impact your electrical appliances? Here are three ways that your appliances can be affected by the cold weather:

  1. Indoor appliance hoses can freeze.
  2. The cold can damage outdoor tools that use water.
  3. Winter storms can cause power surges.

If you’re concerned about the state of any electrical appliances in your house, you don’t have to spend the whole winter worrying. Instead, contact the expert electricians at Hi-Lite Electric Inc. in Etobicoke.

1. Indoor appliance hoses can freeze

If the weather becomes extremely cold, a crucial factor you have to worry about is hoses freezing, including, for example, the hoses that bring water to your washing machine or your fridge (if it has an ice maker).

One way to protect these hoses is to disconnect and reconnect them only when you plan to use them. However, that is a lot of extra work. Instead, you can insulate them by using pipe insulation, for instance, so the cold impacts them less.

Another option for your fridge, if it’s in a particularly cold location, such as the basement, is to use a space heater. Although, don’t leave the heater on overnight or if you’re away from the house.

2. The cold can damage outdoor tools that use water

Like indoor appliances that utilize water, you also need to think about outdoor tools that use water, as the cold can damage them.

Two examples of this are pressure washers and garden hoses. It’s very important to ensure they are completely empty of water; otherwise, the water can freeze and damage the washer or hose, causing it to leak.

If you can store your outdoor tools in a warmer location, such as your basement, instead of a shed or garage, this can also help protect them.

3. Winter storms can cause power surges

When a winter storm brings light snow, watching it from inside your cozy home can be lovely. If, however, the winter storm comes with wind and/or ice, that’s a whole other story. It’s vital to ensure you’re prepared for any potential destruction, power outages, or surges that falling branches can cause.

Take these steps to help protect your home appliances:

  • Trim back any tree branches that overhang power lines.
  • Buy surge protector strips to attach to critical appliances.
  • Consider having a backup power source, such as a generator, in case of a deep freeze and prolonged power outage.

Get Ready for Winter With a Visit From a Qualified Electrician

One of the best ways to help prepare for winter and protect your home appliances is with a visit to your Etobicoke home from a qualified electrician. At Hi-Lite Electric Inc., we offer all of the following services to help ensure your home is in good shape:

  • A 12-point home electrical safety check: The goal of this check is to address any current problems and look for issues that could be a problem in the future.
  • Repairs: Whether you’re dealing with something smaller like flickering lights or a huge issue like a power outage (unrelated to a city-wide issue), we’re here to make prompt and effective repairs. We even offer same-day service for emergencies such as a complete lack of power.
  • Electrical panel upgrades: The last thing you want to deal with over the winter is an appliance not working due to issues with your electrical panel. There are so many benefits to upgrading your electrical panel, including reducing the risk of fire and decreasing the risk of any of your circuits getting overloaded.
  • Power surge protection: As mentioned previously, one of the risks your appliances face over the winter is a power surge due to falling branches impacting power lines. Damaged electrical equipment can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the hassle of replacing them. We can install two-stage power surge protection to help protect your valuable electronics.

At Hi-Lite Electric Inc., we value your time and your budget. When you contact us, we’ll let you know exactly when you can expect us to arrive. We also provide you with a detailed quote explaining the cost of any parts needed and labour, so you aren’t left with a surprise when the bill comes.

Don’t Put Off Getting Your House Ready for Winter

Before you know it, winter will be here, and it’s essential to be ready for it. Here are some of the ways you can ensure your home is prepared:

  1. Drain any outside water sources, such as pools and hoses.
  2. Put away any patio furniture, or cover it up with tarps to protect it.
  3. Trim back any branches that overhang your house or power lines.
  4. Ensure that the indoor appliances and hoses vulnerable to the cold are adequately insulated.

Another way to make sure you don’t run into any issues over the winter is with a thorough check from Hi-Lite Electric Inc. Whether you’ve got a pressing issue that you’ve been putting off addressing or just want a qualified Etobicoke electrician to do a detailed check of the electrical system, we can help make sure your house is ready for winter.

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