The Importance Of Hiring Licensed Electrical Contractor

4 January, 2018
Why You Should Hire A Licensed Electrician

When facing an electrical emergency in your home or office, it is very easy to find an affordable same-day electrician in your area. You can even find several contractors, check their reviews online, ask for references, and settle for one of them within an hour. But do you bother to check if the contractor is licensed?

Who Is A Licensed Electrical Contractor?

Unlike other specialty tasks such as painting and plumbing, poor handling of electrical components can be deadly and lead to devastating losses in the event of a fire. Attempting any electrical DIY, except for obvious and minor replacements, can be dangerous. Even something as simple as replacing a damaged switch or socket can cause injury if you don’t remember to turn off the main switch, or if you confuse the wiring.

Hiring a licensed contractor is the best way to ascertain that the person or company handling your electrical problems has the training, skills, and competence to complete the work without issues.

Generally, you expect any person offering electrical services at a professional level to be specifically trained to handle complex electrical installations, create circuit boards, and handle other electrical-related jobs. They are supposed to consider every angle when installing or inspecting an electrical system, taking into account the voltage transmissions for each system to ensure a safe work zone.

Only then can you have peace of mind when operating electrical devices and appliances in your home.

Here are 6 reasons why you should hire a licensed electrical contractor:

  1. They Are Up to Date With Current Technologies

    Any electrical contractor who is licensed in your region has gone through a rigorous licensing process to prove their capability to safely and professionally serve the community. To maintain the validity of their license, they are also required to participate in continuous learning to stay up-to-date with the newest technologies.

    A licensed electrician is not only aware of current safety concerns in your community and proficient at handling them, but they are also bound to adhere to safety guidelines set by various governing bodies at local and national levels.

  2. They Follow Local Security Codes

    As stated above, licensed electricians are expected to adhere to certain safety regulations when working in residential or commercial areas and are trained to do so. This predictability ensures your safety and cultivates a sense security and well-being in your home or office.

  3. Liability When Disaster Strikes

    Accidents can occur in any job. Considering the risks associated with electricity, you don’t want to incur additional costs if your electrical technician is involved in an unfortunate accident on site. When you hire a licensed electrician, you are not liable for compensation of damages associated with injury on the job or damage to your property.

    Moreover, licensed technicians are required to have a surety bond, which ensures that you receive a predetermined amount of money in the event that the electrician is unable to complete the project. It is an assurance that if the job is not done to the agreed standard, you will be compensated for the inconvenience.

  4. Satisfy Inspection Requirements

    Many DIYers don’t realise that they need a permit to rewire their home or do some other extensive electrical work. Hiring an unlicensed electrician, even with their training and expertise, is similar to undertaking an electrical project yourself. Neither of you qualify to apply for the required permits, as it is only given to licensed technicians.

    Moreover, during standard electrical inspections when selling your home, your house may fail to pass the inspection criteria when unable to prove that the electrical work was carried out by a licensed professional. This could lower the value of your property at the time of closing the sale.

  5. Save Time And Money

    Electrical bulbs or LEDs have a lifespan and definitely need replacement after some time. The same is not necessarily true for other replaceable electrical components such as fuses and circuit breakers. Simply replacing these items does not solve the underlying problem that caused them to blow in the first place.

    Only a licensed electrician understands the complete workings of a circuit, and can successfully troubleshoot to solve the problem at the root and keep it from recurring. Even if you keep replacing a damaged component, you will eventually seek the help of a professional. It is wiser to get it fixed right the first time.

  6. Access To A Wealth Of Resources

    When a licensed electrician is fixing a problem in your home, you have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as to their optimal tools and equipment. This enables you to get a professional opinion on other potential electrical hazards in your home that you may not have been aware of previously.

Due Diligence is Key

Don’t be fooled by blind recommendations or a contractor’s word of mouth approach when they claim to be licensed to handle the work. Always look for valid, up-to-date documents to verify their claim of certification. Keep in mind that only electricians who fit certain standards qualify to be issued with a license. If your residential electrician does not have a current license, you should consider choosing a different one for your own safety. Even if their services are cheaper, you would rather spend more and have the peace of mind that your family is protected from electrical hazards.

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