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Childproofing Tips to Prevent Electric Shocks and Injuries

Childproofing Tips to Prevent Electric Shocks and...

3 December, 2018

Keeping your children safe and sound is of the utmost importance. While electricity clearly has a plethora of different benefits, it can be dangerous when handled by the wrong people. Read more

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Electric hazard at home

Common Electrical Hazards

21 November, 2018

Risk of Electrical Injury at Home The most common cause of electrical fires in homes is negligence and faulty wiring. Read more

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Smoke detector mounted on roof in apartment

Reduce the Risk of Death with Smoke Detectors

3 October, 2018

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 37% of all deaths that were caused by fires in homes between 2007 and 2011 were in homes that didn't have smoke detectors. Read more

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Aluminum Wiring Can Be Dangerous

Aluminum Wiring Can Be Dangerous—Here’s...

10 September, 2018

Living in an older house can be great. Older homes have built-in character and timeless architecture, but they also carry safety risks. One of them is aluminum electrical wiring. Read more

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A surge protector is used to safeguard your devices

Why Surge Protectors Are Necessary for Your Home...

7 August, 2018

Electrical surges are impossible to predict, but the damage they cause is mind-boggling. Your entire facility’s technology can be shut down or ruined in less than a thousandth of a second. Read more

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