What to Expect From Your First Electrical Inspection

7 April, 2020
First electrical inspection expectations

All homeowners and business owners must ensure their space is safe and free from any hazard that could be threatening to the individuals living in the house or coming in to work at the building. One danger that needs to be taken care of, in particular, is the electrical system.

Electrical wiring that is not up to standard poses a threat to everyone’s safety by creating a serious risk of fires or electrocution. It’s the duty of every individual to make sure the electric system of their home or commercial space is safe and up to date. One of the best ways to ascertain this is by getting an electrical inspection.

Why should I get an electrical inspection?

An electrical inspection is necessary because it gives a person an idea of whether their electric system is up to date or whether there are problems in it that could potentially have dangerous consequences if they are not fixed as soon as possible.

Anyone who owns a property should ensure they call in an electrical inspection specialist to look at all their wiring at regular intervals throughout the year. It may seem like an unnecessary expense now, but in the long run, it can save you from very dangerous situations, such as fires caused by the electrical system.

You should apply for an electrical inspection when you are purchasing a property, selling a property, or when looking to change up any wiring in their home or building. You will need to apply for a permit before any changes to the electrical system can take place. As well, only the owner of the property or the contractor carrying out the changes are eligible to apply for the permit.

How will my inspection be conducted?

An electrical inspection must be conducted by a licensed electrician. This means that the inspection will only be considered valid if a professional carries it out; it can’t be a DIY project, no matter how experienced the person is.

The actual process of the inspection will usually have 3 main stages: the initial inspection, the service inspection, and the follow-up inspection.

All 3 stages are equally important and cannot be skipped. Let’s take a closer look at what occurs at each stage:

The Initial Inspection

The initial inspection makes up the bulk of the inspection process. It’s when the electrician first comes in to look at the wires, electrical panels, and electrical boxes of the house or building.

The inspector will make sure that the wires are not hanging dangerously and that they are properly intact and fastened. They will specifically be ensuring that there is no chance of a fire occurring and they will inspect all conduits and panels to ensure they do not have a serious threat of becoming a fire hazard due to their positioning and how old they are.

The main areas that the inspection will cover includes:

  • AFCI and GFCI protection
  • General electrical services and circuitry
  • The labelling of equipment
  • All wiring methods, including underground wiring

All these factors must be given the thumbs up and cleared before a person can add insulation and close their walls again.

The Service Inspection

Once everything has been given a good look and major problems are sorted out, the service inspection will take place. The service inspection involves the observation of how well the electrical service was installed.

During this phase, the main panel will be taken a closer look at to make sure it was put in place properly, and it has been grounded properly. Most people are unaware of the very serious risks that come with an improperly grounded panel.

A panel that has not been grounded properly can cause a potential electric shock to build up. That’s why it is so necessary that it is inspected properly at regular intervals.

The Follow-Up

After the inspector conducts the initial inspection and observes the service quality, they will come for one final follow-up inspection. In this stage, they will probably run trials to examine if the electrical system is safe and effective.

When the system was first installed, breaks were placed to ensure functionality. These will be tested during the final inspection to ascertain that everything is in proper working order, and one’s property is not at risk of catching fire or being fined for breaking electrical system standard codes.

If someone fails their inspection, it’s their responsibility to speak with their electrician and decide what changes can be made to make the property safe enough to get a passing grade. Once the changes have been made, they should apply for another electrical inspection to see if the system is now compliant with current electrical codes and laws.

What happens if I fail to get my property inspected?

If you fail to get your property inspected properly, then you will be very limited when it comes to selling the property, financing the property, or insuring the property. This is because no one will want to take the risk of dealing with a facility that could be a potential hazard for anyone who enters it.

You also greatly increase the chance of fires and electrocution if you fail to have your home properly inspected and if you fail to make the required changes the inspector points out.

It’s important to note that once the licensed electrician comes in to take a look at your electrical system that you inform the owner of all the potential hazards there are. These changes will have to be made before any further work can continue.

Electrical inspections are required to ensure one’s property is equipped with the proper electrical equipment and to ensure the property is following all the laws and codes mandated for their particular area of residence.

If any codes are being violated, there’s a high risk of the wiring causing dangerous fires, and therefore, the wiring will need to be corrected immediately. Failure to follow up with the required work after an inspection can lead to serious personal and legal consequences for the owner of the property.

For more information on electrical inspections, call Hi-Lite Electric at 416-800-5523 or contact us here.

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