What Can an Emergency Electrician Do for You?

9 March, 2020
Emergency electricians

Many people don’t think about their home’s electricity until there is a problem. It’s great when your lights are working, and your appliances operate well. However, when things stop running smoothly, it’s time to call for an emergency electrician. These are trained professionals that have the expertise and experience to help solve a range of electricity issues.

When to Call an Emergency Electrician

Having electricity in your home is very important. However, it can be dangerous if it does not work well, depending on the season and the weather. There are many common scenarios you may face that require emergency services. Here are some of those situations when you should call an emergency electrician:

Fuses blow: While it’s not uncommon to have the fuses in your home blow now and then, when it becomes an everyday thing, there could be a bigger issue with your electrical system. This often happens because the fuses are not able to handle the electricity in the system. If you find yourself running for the fuse box often, you should contact an emergency electrician before you face an even bigger and more expensive problem.

Flooding: A leak or a flood may have you calling a plumber immediately, but it is also important to contact an emergency electrician. Water in your home can cause damage to your electrical system. This can also present a hazardous situation to you or anyone entering the home. It’s best to have the situation looked at by a professional electrician before you begin any cleanup process.

Flickering lights: When you see the lights in your home flicker, it could indicate a problem with your electricity. You should contact an emergency electrician to have a look, particularly if they flicker when you have an appliance running. This is often a sign that there is a high demand for your electrical system. An electrician will assess the problem and make some changes so that your appliances are on a different circuit or you have extra outlets to work with.

Lack of outlet space: Some people find that they have a number of appliances plugged into a single outlet, which can become a safety hazard. Consider spreading out your appliances to different areas of your home. If this is not possible or practical, call an emergency electrician to help install more outlets. This will help prevent strain on your electrical system. It will also reduce the chances that you will face a bigger and more expensive electrical problem in the future.

Overuse of extension cords: This may be another sign that you do not have enough power outlets in your home. If you find that you have several extension cords transferring power to your appliances, call an electrician to assess your system. You can talk with them about installing more outlets or other ways that you can get electricity to your appliances.

Light bulb burnout: Even though light bulbs are not meant to last forever, they should still last a significant amount of time. Do you have to change your light bulbs more frequently than before? This can be an indication of a bigger problem in your electrical system. While it may be easier to change the bulbs, this may lead to a larger issue in the long-term. Consider calling an emergency electrician and invest in your home’s electrical system and safety.

Warm switches: If you put your hand on a light switch to turn it on and find that it is warm, you should call an emergency electrician. As well, if you find that your appliances feel warm to the touch even if they have not been used, it could be a problem with your electrical system. In the interest of your safety, you should have an emergency electrician investigate the issue.

Electrical hum: Constant humming sounds can be more than annoying. They can be a sign that there’s an underlying problem with your electrical system. In this situation, there could be several reasons that your lights or appliances are making sounds, which is why it’s important to call a professional.

Expensive electric bill: If you notice that the cost of electricity has been going up for your home, even if you haven’t been using more than usual, then that’s a sign that there’s something wrong with your electrical system. It is important to call an emergency electrician in this case so they can investigate your system and diagnose the problem. These types of issues don’t go away on their own and can be very costly over time.

Shocks: Getting even a mild electric shock from your switch can be serious. This is a clear sign that something is wrong with your system. The best thing to do would be to call an emergency electrician so they can examine your electrical system.

Old outlets: Modern-day electrical outlets accept 3-pronged appliances. This is a safety issue as the older, 2-pronged outlets do not provide as much safety from electric shock. If your home still has 2-pronged outlets, it’s a good idea to have them changed.


When it comes to staying safe, calling an emergency electrician is often a good idea. If something has changed with your electrical system or if you are noticing problems more often, consider having your system inspected. Professional electricians have the knowledge and experience to deal with potentially dangerous situations. Hiring an emergency electrician to fix problems with fuses, outlets, and lights will ensure that your lights stay on and you stay safe.

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