How To Hire An Emergency Electrician

23 December, 2019
How to Hire an Emergency Electrician

Major electrical emergencies are quite uncommon. Still, with occasional mishaps and minor electrical incidents like burnt bulbs and blown fuses, it’s difficult to completely ignore the likelihood of a severe electrical emergency occurring. Considering how dependent on electricity most people have become, your life could come to a halt if there were a problem with the wiring or electrical systems in your home.

Electrical emergencies can occur anytime, which is why you must make the necessary preparations to deal with the emergency by finding the best emergency electrician in Toronto and having their contacts nearby.

To hire an electrician in Toronto, you should:

Find a Reputable Electrical Contractor

In the event of an electrical emergency, you want to contact an electrician who’s only a few minutes away from your home or office. As such, electricians typically set up their offices near highly populated areas to be readily accessible for their clients.

That said, the nearest electrician to you, such as those you can find in your local store, may not necessarily be the best for the job because their questionable reliability plus the quality of their work cannot be guaranteed. So you should focus your efforts in finding a reputable electrician near you by:

  1. Searching online

    Simply use your preferred search engine to look for ‘electricians in Toronto.’ Your search can be better targeted by specifying your community in the search phrase. The results you get should provide details of local electricians.

    Next, you should research each company individually by visiting their website or social media page and reading user reviews to determine the quality of their work.

  2. Ask your neighbours

    It’s probably easier to ask your neighbour to recommend an electrician they’ve worked with before. You can assess the nature of the electrical problem your neighbour had, how fast the electrician responded, and whether they were satisfied with the quality of work and customer service to determine whether those electricians are reliable and capable of handling your emergency.

  3. Ask your family members and friends

    Many electrical services have offices in multiple locations. So if any of your family members or friends had an electrical problem that was professionally handled, they might recommend a reputable brand near you.

Find Out Their Qualifications

Certain requirements must be fulfilled before you can hire an electrician, even for emergencies. The electrician must be licensed to work in your area, be bonded, and be insured according to their profession.

This information can be easily obtained from the company’s website or other documentation that they provide. Make sure that you learn about their background to determine how long they have provided electrical services in your area. This is a good indicator that they’re well aware of the relevant codes and any permits that may be required for specific kinds of electrical work.

It’s also important to choose an electrician who has clear working rules and guidelines to ensure an acceptable standard of work. This will also give you peace of mind that they maintain a certain work ethic, and will strive to complete your electrical work smoothly and promptly.

Meet Them And Communicate Your Problem

After shortlisting a couple of prospective emergency electricians in Toronto, the next step is to contact them to schedule a meeting that will help you to understand their process and the expected requirements from each party as you inform them about your emergency.

You will probably have a few questions to help you clear all your doubts, so take this opportunity to learn more about their services and to determine whether they will be an appropriate partner for you in the event of an electrical emergency. They should be transparent about things like quality assurance, meeting deadlines, their availability for emergencies, any existing clients in your neighbourhood for testimonials, and such.

Get an Accurate Quote

Hiring an electrician in an emergency is usually more expensive than scheduled visits because they have to prioritize your matter, which may mean pulling some resources from an ongoing project or responding at unusual hours. That said, it’s important to hire a professional electrician who also fits your budget.

The right emergency electrician should be able to arrive at your location as soon as possible to diagnose the problem, recommend a solution, and give you a quote that is within your budget.

When to Contact an Emergency Electrician

Without any technical knowhow, you can find yourself in distress even after little problems like a blown fuse or failed outlet. There are electrical components everywhere, on the ceiling, walls, and under the floors, and those seemingly small problems can be indicators of a bigger underlying electrical problem which only a professional electrician can solve.

It can be difficult to detect the origin of some problems, yet fixing small electrical issues can put you and your property at risk of a bigger electrical problem arising. As such, you should consider contacting your electrician in Toronto as soon as you detect signs of electrical faults, including:

  • Sparking electrical outlets.
  • Flickering lights.
  • Circuit breaker tripping frequently.
  • A burning odour from outlets or appliances.
  • Inexplicable electrical shocks.
  • Light switches not functioning properly.
  • Frequent electrical surges.
  • Frequents power dips.
  • Higher electrical bills.

The best way to handle these electrical emergencies is to contact your local emergency electrician as soon as possible.

For electrical emergencies involving specific equipment or appliances, you should first contact the manufacturer or dealer via their customer care numbers. This is particularly important for items under warranty, as they can dispatch their electricians and fix the issue for free.

They can also ask you to take the faulty item to their service centre in Toronto for inspection, repair, or replacement. Otherwise, you can hire a professional emergency electrician in Toronto for prompt service.

To learn more about how to hire an emergency electrician, call Hi-Lite Electrical at (416) 241-9296 or contact us here.

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