5 Electrical Safety Tips for Summer

12 July, 2023
5 electrical safety tips for summer

No matter your home’s age, it is always crucial to maintain electrical safety practices, as the stakes are very high. If you avoid electrical system inspections or neglect signs of electrical problems, not only can this damage your home and your appliances, but it also jeopardizes your and your family’s safety. 

The risks of neglected electrical safety can range from electrical shocks and fried circuits to electrical fires that can burn down your home and everything in it. 

Therefore, it is always worth paying close attention to the state of your home’s electrical system and having it regularly examined by a professional. When electrical issues arise, ensure that they are taken care of immediately. If you make electrical safety a priority and you get in the habit of maintaining your home’s electrical system, it will benefit you in the long run.

The Most Relevant Electrical Safety Tips for the Summer

Although summer is a season that we all associate with letting loose and having fun, it is also a time of the year when it is extra-important to be vigilant with your electrical safety, as many people tend to spend much of their time outside and around water during hot periods. 

Mixing certain summer activities with the use of outdoor electrical devices and equipment can be a recipe for disaster, especially without proper safety measures in place. The following are some of the best electrical safety tips to keep in mind so that you can avoid electrical safety hazards while enjoying the summer weather:

1. Keep electrical items away from water

If you are at the beach, sitting by the pool, or even if you just have your sprinkler system on to water the lawn, make sure to keep all of your electrical devices far away from the water.

A good rule of thumb is that your electrical items should be at least six feet away from water at all times. You should also be sure to never touch any of your electrical items with wet hands, as this can result in an electrical shock. 

If you really want to listen to the radio or watch TV while you’re near water, you may want to invest in battery-powered devices. Also, if you have yet to install a pool or a hot tub but you’re thinking of doing so this summer, make sure that you place it at a safe distance from overhead power lines.

2. Invest in GFCI outlets outside your home

If there are any places outside of your home where it is possible for water and electricity to meet, make sure to install GFCI outlets in that area. Such outlets are designed to instantly trip and prevent electrocution if any water comes into contact with an electrical device that is plugged into them.

You may want to consider using GFCI outlets for everything from your electric grill and spring lights to your radio.

3. Never climb trees or fly kites near power lines

Some popular summer activities are kite flying and tree climbing, but these are also activities to be incredibly cautious with, as they have the potential to be quite dangerous despite how innocent and fun they may seem. 

To avoid electrical hazards while doing either, always stay far away from power lines. If you ever get a kite caught in a power line, let go immediately and never try to untangle it yourself, as you can easily receive a strong electrical shock.

4. Never light fireworks near power lines

Lighting fireworks is another fun pursuit, especially during summer holidays and festivals. Although there is a wide range of safety precautions that you should always take while lighting fireworks, the most important one related to electrical safety involves staying away from power lines.

If you accidentally hit a power line with a firework, it could sever it or cause it to fall, creating an incredibly dangerous situation. If such a scenario ever happens to you, make sure that you never touch any part of the fallen power line.

5. Use the right type of extension cords

Occasionally, you may need to use an extension cord, especially if you are planning to hang some string lights from your deck or patio. However, it is important to pay attention to the type of extension cord that you are purchasing for this purpose. There are certain extension cords that are only meant to be used indoors, while others are designed for outdoor use.

It is essential that you never use an indoor extension cord outside, as they are not meant to withstand heat or water, and you could be facing some electrical hazards if you expose them to such elements.

How Hi-Lite Electric Inc. Can Help Keep Your Home Electrical System Safer This Summer

In addition to keeping the tips mentioned above in mind this summer, you can also boost your security by having a home electrical safety check performed before the start of the season. If you would like to have this inspection done on your home’s electrical system, or you require any other type of electrician service, Hi-Lite Electric Inc. can make sure it is done efficiently and effectively. 

Our team of skilled and experienced electricians knows exactly what to look for during a comprehensive safety check. We will not only keep an eye out for existing problems with your electrical system, but we’ll also check for issues you could face.

If we detect any problems, we can fix them on the spot and ensure that long-term solutions are implemented so you won’t need to worry about the same issue arising next season.

We bring all the tools needed with us to each job site to ensure that we can handle any issue we face. This also allows us to complete our work quickly and efficiently to make things as convenient as possible for our valued customers. 

For more information about the details of our electrical home safety checks or to learn more about our other electrical services, call Hi-Lite Electric Inc. at 416-800-5536 (in Toronto), 289-236-1333 (in York), or 289-236-1347 (in Peel), or contact us here.

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