8 Ways to Save Money on Home Electrical Repairs

10 December, 2020
8 ways to save money on home electrical repairs

When you run into electrical problems at home, finding a licensed electrician can be a challenge. Besides finding the right electrician who can do the job right, quotes vary from each company, so the costs could add up. Is it possible to save money when hiring an electrician?

First, to avoid paying an arm and a leg for electrical home repairs, ensure that you practice proper maintenance on the electrical units in your home. This can be done by checking that all your lamps and light fixtures have the proper bulb wattage installed. Also, unplugging appliances that take up a lot of electricity when they are not being used can help prevent electrical burnouts and fires. In the long run, you can save money on unnecessary electrical home repairs if you get into this maintenance routine.

However, if an electrical issue arises and you have no option but to call a professional electrician, then Hi-Lite Electric is here to help. Before you contact us for a quote, though, here are 8 ways to save money on home electrical repairs.

1. Avoid emergency electrical home services unless needed

If the electrical issue you’re having isn’t an emergency, book a regular business hours visit with an electrician. When you have an electrical problem that has turned into a hazardous situation, such as a spark that could cause an electrical fire, be prepared to pay double the price when you call an emergency electrician. To avoid emergency electrical issues from happening, schedule a routine electrical safety inspection; this will cost less and also prevent dangerous situations that might require an emergency call-out.

2. Combine electrical jobs in a single visit

You can save money by bundling multiple electrical home repairs in one visit. This is not only beneficial to you, but it also provides the electrician a good scope of the overall electrical functions in your home.

So, how do you know which electrical services to book in one single visit? Consider future potential electrical problems that might arise. For example, if the original electrical issue is a blown fuse, walk around your house and inspect the electrical outlets. If they have never been replaced and they are getting worn out, add that to the work order. This can cut costs for future visits and also saves enormous time for the electrician in travelling back and forth to your house.

3. Ask for a fixed-price quote

Once you have decided on bundling multiple electrical tasks in one visit, ask for a fixed-price quote. For example, the majority of electricians work on hourly rates and the more tasks you request; the more their billing hours add up. By asking for a fixed-price quote, you cut out the hourly rates and pay a flat rate. Many electricians offer fixed pricing, so be sure to get a written agreement with the fixed-cost amount outlining which tasks will be done.

4. Prepare the work area before the electrician arrives

Once you have a confirmed date, make it easy for your electrician to deliver efficient services by preparing the areas in your home. For example, move the furniture out of the way around the lighting fixtures or outlets that require fixing. If the electrical problem is with the breaker panel, make a clear path for easy access.

Other basic measures you can do to save time before the electrician arrives is to unplug all the appliances in your home, cover furniture that could get dirty, remove items from walls, and ensure the electrical panel is accessible.

5. Consider upgrades for electrical savings

To save money on electrical home repairs, it’s a good idea to invest in electrical upgrades by switching to LED (light-emitting diode) light bulbs. By placing LED bulbs in your lamps, light fixtures, and mount lights, you can substantially reduce your electricity bills. Another way to reduce electrical consumption is by installing motion detector switches. This could be added to your work order when an electrician comes for your next routine electrical safety inspection.

6. Get a good warranty

After the electrician has completed the work order, ask if you can get a warranty. This usually involves a guarantee of their work for up to 12 months, although some electricians offer a lifetime warranty. Many electricians have warranties as part of their service, as it represents a commitment to you and also ensures repeat business on their end. It also gives you peace of mind that if any electrical issues happen during the duration of the warranty, you can call them back, and you won’t have to pay for the service again.

7. Avoid third-party middlemen

There are many home professional platforms that act as a listing service for electrical contractors, such as Homestars. Even though these third-party middlemen are convenient and narrow down your search, if you book an electrician through these platforms, you will get charged a referral commission. Or, the electrician you book through the platform will charge you an extra fee. The best way to eliminate paying a finder’s fee is to go straight to the electrician’s website and book the appointment from their contact page.

8. Get a referral through word-of-mouth

If you don’t want to do a search online for an electrician, ask for help. Word-of-mouth works surprisingly well. You will be pleased with the results when you ask your friends and family to refer you to a reliable electrician. Once you get several names, check out their websites. Many electrical home repair companies have referral programs—like us!

At Hi-Lite Electric, our referral programs pay $25 when you recommend a friend or relative to our services. Along with receiving a $25 referral payout, our new client will receive a $25 discount on the electrical service they book.

Request a free quote on our electrical home repairs; our professional electricians at Hi-Lite Electric are ready to assist you in Toronto and the GTA region. Call us in Toronto at 416-800-5523, in York Region at 289-207-0324, and in Peel Region at 289-216-0548, or contact us here.

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