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Should you unplug appliances to save on electricity?

Should You Unplug Appliances to Save on...

4 April, 2022

Modern homes contain a wide range of electronics and electrical appliances. Read more

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Ways to prevent a power surge in your home

5 Ways to Prevent a Power Surge in Your Home

14 March, 2022

Electrical surges at home can cause serious damage to electronics, appliances, and plugged-in devices. Read more

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Save electricity during winter

How to Save on Electricity During the Winter

18 February, 2022

Many of us appreciate cooler winter weather, but your HVAC system is not enjoying this break. Read more

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Things you should consider before buying an investment property

6 Things You Must Check Before Buying an...

3 January, 2022

Investment properties can be smart purchases. When you find the right one, you can sit back and enjoy passive income for a long time. Read more

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Flickering lights

Why Are My Lights Flickering?

16 December, 2021

It can be an eerie feeling when the lights start to flicker in your home. However, this is not a sign that you are in a horror movie. Instead, you need to book an electrical inspection. Read more

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