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An emergency guide: How to handle a power outage

An Emergency Guide: How to Handle a Power Outage

3 April, 2023

These days, storms seem to be getting stronger, rainfalls are getting heavier, and severe temperatures are becoming increasingly common, all of which are factors that can contribute to an increase in... Read more

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Electrical maintenance to-do list, spring edition.

Electrical Maintenance To-Do List: Spring Edition

15 March, 2023

When a long winter is finally ending and spring is right around the corner, everyone tends to get a surge of inspiration to get things done, from spring cleaning to prepping for a new garden to... Read more

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How to avoid an electrical emergency: A complete checklist

How to Avoid an Electrical Emergency: A Complete...

21 February, 2023

Your home’s electricity is one of its most essential components. Without it, it would be impossible to power the electronics and home appliances you use daily. Read more

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How to avoid short circuits in your home

How to Avoid Short Circuits in Your Home

16 January, 2023

Pretty much everything we have in our homes is powered by electricity, making it quite a beneficial force to have when it is handled correctly. Read more

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5 electrical systems to check ahead of Winter

5 Electrical Systems to Check Ahead of Winter

17 December, 2022

We are all familiar with the blues Canadians start to feel when winter is approaching, and everyone starts taking bets about how much it will snow this year. Read more

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